Special page for the Conference on Ferdinand Nahimana's book<i> Rwanda les virages ratés</i>

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Interview with Hervé Déguine

Interview with Hervé Déguine, Brussels 15-03-2008 from olny.nl on Vimeo.

Hervé Déguine was head of the Africa Desk at Reporters Witohut Borders in the early 1990s. He particularly followed the case of Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines and contributed to the charging of its initiators.

Déguine is currently completing a biography of Ferdinand Nahimana, one of RTLM founders. He admits having been manipulated and having belonged to the Blancs Menteurs, to borrow the words of Pierre Péan.

Regarding the latest book by Nahimana, Rwanda: les virages rates, Déguine criticizes it as being below the usual level at which Nahimana writes.

Interview with Eugène Shimamungu

Interview with Eugène Shimamungu, Brussels 15 March 2008 from olny.nl on Vimeo.

Eugène Shimamungu is editor and author of a number of books on Rwanda. He is the director of Editions Sources du Nile, which published Ferdinand Nahimana’s Rwanda: les virages rates.

He also taught at the University of Rwanda. He says that his publishing house is not ethnically or ideologically oriented as some people think.

For Shimamungu, the only criterion that guides his choices is quality.

Interview with Helmut Strizek

Interview with Helmut Strizek- Brussels 15 March 2008 from olny.nl on Vimeo.

Helmut Strizek is a German Historian. He prefaced Nahimana’s Rwanda: les virages rates. He says that Nahimana’s historiographical analysis and his political background put him in an excellent position to study his country’s past.

Interview with Faustin Twagiramungu

Interview with Faustin Twagiramungu -16 March 2008 from olny.nl on Vimeo.

Faustin Twagiramungu is among the first Hutu leaders who called for a multiparty system in Rwanda in the early 1990. He co-founded the MDR which later split into two fractions.

Twagiramungu became he first post genocide Prime Minister, and embodied for one year a semblance of multiethnism in Rwanda.

He entered the opposition in 1995 but has since been distant from the Hutu opposition and the RPF-dominated regime.

Twagiramungu disagrees with the theories put forward by Ferdinand Nahimana, especially regarding the responsibilities in the failure of the peace process.

Interview avec Déo Mushayidi

Interview avec Déo Mushayidi, Bruxelles 15 mars 2008 from olny.nl on Vimeo.

Deo Mushaidi is a Tutsi oppositionist living in exile in Belgium. He once worked with the RPF.

Deo Mushayi is among the leaders of opposition Partenariat Intwari, which accuses the current regime of committing atrocities.

Regarding the analysis made by Ferdinand Nahimana in Rwanda: les virages ratés, Mushayidi says it is a big contribution to the need dialogue among Rwandans.