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Rwanda 2010: Another Kenya? Another Zimbabwe?

Olivier Nyirubugara
15 April 2009

Rwanda 2010: Another Kenya? Another Zimbabwe? from on Vimeo.

The 2010 polls in Rwanda promise to be different from the 2003 ones. No candidate is officially known but there is little doubt about president Paul Kagame running for another term, as the Constitution allows him to do so. There is also little doubt about opposition leader Victoire Ingabire’s ambitions. For her, things are yet to go through bureaucratic and administrative procedures that might pose serious problems. She has first to back to the country she left 15 years ago, and where those she fights politically are the masters of the land.

Ingabire seems to have started her European campaign. She is going from one conference to another. From one lecture to another. International media are dedicating long reports on her, which is rather making her popular at least among the Rwandan diaspora and the Westerners. But these will not take part in the election! She will have to conquer the Rwandan populations inside Rwanda, a country she describes as a land of anguish and repression.

This video report is about the lecture she held on 15 April 2009 at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. She was invited by the United Nations Students Association to discuss Rwanda’s history and politics, as well as her presidential ambitions.

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